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Mealtime prayer
Senior Hands

Our Vision 

To continually develop a better model of assisted living that enriches lives one SMALL community at a time.

Core Values

We believe in CONNECTING with our Residents.

We believe in SERVING our Residents.

We believe in CHOOSING to be positive, proactive, diligent and supportive.

We believe in ALWAYS LEARNING.

We believe in CREATING CAREERS for our caregivers.

Our Story

It takes a village. Does that phrase ring a bell? We can all relate to the sense of relief that comes when our “village” of friends and family steps in to help. Life comes full-circle and as we get older, we still need the support of a village with aging loved ones. Having a loved one who needs accountability or assistance with daily activities can be physically and emotionally challenging. Village Care Homes was created to provide the village of care for families.


The more we become familiar with the assisted living industry the more we see the need for personalized care. We’ve grown Village Care Homes to help residents, families and also build careers for our caregivers. We believe your loved one deserves the best care possible - the care that preserves, comforts and improves their quality of life. 

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